Children should be taught consideration in public

Children should be taught consideration in public


I am writing to you in hope that you will put it in our newspaper, and just maybe some residents of this town will rethink what it means to be a good role model for the younger generation of Oliver.

Recently I was in a store in Oliver and was witness to some appalling behaviour from a mother who had her two young children with her. The children were playing in the toy department quite rambunctiously, knocking other toys onto the floor and disturbing other shoppers while their mother stood and watched.

One gentleman customer asked the mother to settle her kids down, to which she told him to mind his own business.

An employee also asked if the kids could please tone it down and admonished to the mother that this was not a playground. The mother argued that this was a toy store and was buying the swords the kids were playing with.

The employee again stated this was not a playground nor a toy store; it was a toy department and as such had breakable items throughout.

The mother told the employee that she was just a clerk, and as a shopper she was always right, and the clerk should mind her own business.

Another shopper stepped in and tried to shame the mother for her disrespectful behaviour towards the employee and for setting a poor example of role model to her children. The mother retorted that she was a good role model because she was teaching her kids to stand up for themselves.

Teaching inconsideration and discourtesy towards others are not good behaviour tactics to pass on to a child in any situation, and could very well get them into far greater trouble someday, like getting arrested or worse.

I believe the clerk was in her rights as an employee of that store. No one wants to meander through a store while having to dodge swinging swords, bouncing balls or boisterous children running amok.

So rather than rolling our eyes and shaking our heads in displeasure, we all have a right to make it our business as patrons of any establishment to request some respect and consideration from one and all.

Pass this on to your children: If you don’t give it, you certainly won’t get it.

Name withheld by request