Centennial Park campers say farewell to town

Centennial Park campers say farewell to town


We stayed in Oliver again this past summer. Unfortunately it will be the last time we will stop in your delightful town. Centennial campground is being closed and we shall not return.

Oliver is a place where we loved to stay, located in a grand fruit growing area, with fun individual small shops, wineries to visit, some fine golf courses and a supporting campground available.

Oliver is so different from cities that border it, both north and south. It is a little town with small town values and friendly people.

From the campground we strolled to the local shops, visited the library and nearby park, stopped at the visitor centre and even walked to retrieve our mail at the post office.  The central location of Centennial makes all of this possible.

The decision to tear out this shaded oasis for a hotel like the many we know in Penticton and Osoyoos marks the start of a turning point for Oliver to be just like them.  Soon Oliver will be over commercialized, crowded with people and vehicle congestion, and offering the same chain stores like so many other cities. No thank you.

We will find an alternate camp in which to stay next year, although the draw of Centennial will not be matched for us. We were told of alternate lands near the downtown area where a new hotel could have been located but the decision-makers in town have chosen to close Centennial instead of using another site.

It’s too bad they couldn’t see what they had which made Oliver different.  It’s too bad for travellers such as us, and too shortsighted for the town. Goodbye Oliver, we will miss you.

William Douglas, Paradise Valley, AZ