Bypass road would ease traffic on Main Street

Bypass road would ease traffic on Main Street


(The following letter was addressed to Oliver Town council.)

As a law and order type I find it incongruous that you would continue to let a major highway run through the middle of our town. Someday someone will pay the price with a serious injury.

You must build a good foundation for your town by putting your ducks in a row.

Bypass road (most important)

This should cut the traffic in half and put Main Street back in the Town’s control.

You can do whatever traffic calming and crosswalk controls that you want. You will no longer see all the semi trucks and big motor homes travelling on your main street, unless they need gasoline or groceries, or to stop at one of the town’s RV parks.

Now is a prime time to do this as multi-million dollar changes beside the new hotel are planned and would help to keep down future costs. Also new traffic lights slated for Station Street/Fairview which would be incorporated.

Finally, if the second option is used there is already a bypass road right-of-way identified behind the food bank building. Now is the time to make these changes. I don’t know the full history of the wine experience/wine capital of Canada, but it appears to be on “Okanagan time.”

I suggest that you start off on a less grandiose scale such as one or two lease buildings in the 6,000 block of Main Street (where the mural is). They have a large gravel parking lot and RV parking behind the medical office building.

I believe the wine experience centre should be a joint partnership with VQA and all the financial costs will be shared. You could probably move the map for winery locations that is at the visitor centre to this location.

Jerry Bell, Oliver