Blast ball isn’t always blast ball in Oliver

Blast ball isn’t always blast ball in Oliver

Benjamin Zeeman, 1, reaches up to put the ball on the pole during blast ball in Oliver Community Park on Thursday. (Photo by Lyonel Doherty)

Coach Arin Martins warned us that blast ball at Oliver Parks and Recreation isn’t always blast ball, if you know what he means.

The kids do their own thing, whether it’s hit the ball or sit on a base and think about the world. But whatever they do, it’s fun nonetheless.

Even one-year-old Benjamin Zeeman got into the action last night in Oliver Community Park, where he had his mother run every which way but loose trying to keep track of him.

Behaviour observed during the game: Piling on top of each other, fighting over the ball, riding over third base with a bike, bending the blast ball pole, and staring at the photographer.