Be vigilant out there

Be vigilant out there


This is regarding your story on criminals casing neighbourhoods.

Thieves often work in teams, use cell phones to communicate and use lookouts.

Areas of potential opportunity are often scouted out and information is communicated to plan thefts.

Stolen property is often tied in and or connected to the drug trade.

Quads in some cases are used to scout out areas of opportunity.

Thieves take advantage of the use of quads to access semi-remote areas by riding through vineyards using trails and have the advantage to elude motor vehicles if pursued.

Never assume it is just your neighbour out in a vineyard on his or her quad.

Be diligent and photograph any parked vehicles or any activity that just doesn’t seem to fit.

Activity that may appear normal to the average person may not be to experienced professionals.

Safety is first and foremost; never engage a suspicious situation – forward information to police.

Donald Lowndes, Oliver