Art Walk blessed by the heavens

Art Walk blessed by the heavens

Master carver Earl Martin draws an audience while he uses a chainsaw to create a work of art on Thursday during Art Walk in Oliver. (Photo by Lyonel Doherty)
Cat girl Dianne Gibson and Leza Macdonald ham it up for the camera during Art Walk in Oliver Thursday. (Photo by Lyonel Doherty)

Someone or some thing was looking out for Art Walk in Oliver yesterday. It didn’t rain a drop.

Penelope Johnson from the Oliver Community Arts Council said they were very lucky that it stopped raining just before the event. The sun shone and the sidewalks dried up so that children could create their masterpieces with chalk.

“We were worried, so we met on Thursday morning to adjust the locations,” Johnson said.

She noted the Art Walk attracted about 300 people, some of whom danced in the streets to Rebel Luv.

“We had lots of good feedback. People commented that they liked the diversity of ages. It was good to see young people with children,” Johnson said.

She pointed out that all but one wine (art) barrel sold during the event. The average bid was $300, but some went as high as $400 to $500, she said.

The wind-up party at Medici’s was jam packed.